Election Notification

Notification for the election of Executive committee of the Delhi Neurological association

Dear DNA Members,

As per the constitution of our association, it is time for election of new executive committee of the association.

I on the behalf of the executive committee of the DNA, notify the beginning of process of elections of the DNA new executive committee for the year of 2024-2027.

Nomination is invited for the following post is invited:

SL. No.Name of PostNumber of Post
1.President ElectOne
4Executive Committee memberFive
 Allied Branches of NeurosciencesOne

Completed nominations should reach the returning officer, Dr. Debashish Chowdhury, by 31st October 2023 at the following address:

Dr. Debashish Chowdhury

Returning Officer
Room No. 504, Academic Block
G. B. Pant Institute of Post Graduate
Medical Education & Research, New Delhi-110002

31st October 2023 Last date of receiving nomination by returning officer

15th November 2023 Candidates to be informed & withdrawals, if any, invited

30th November 2023 Last date for withdrawal of candidature.

30th December 2023 Dispatch of ballot papers by UPC/ Speed Post by returning officer.

31st January 2024 Last date for receipt of ballot papers by returning officer.

I draw your attention to few provisions of the constitution of our association.

6.1. Election by postal ballot: Canvassing or soliciting votes or casting on other candidates would debar from election. President elect (Vice President) DNA will be the returning officer for the election.

6.2 Procedure of election: Each ballot shall have a number and will be signed by the returning officer i.e. President elect (Vice President) and the President.

The ballot to be placed in enveloped containing marked A to be put in another envelope B.  The out envelope should bear the signatures and DNA membership number of the member.

For preliminary information, I reproduce the clause 9, of the DNA constitution,

9.1 Eligibility

  1. Only life members can contest for any post.
  2. For the post of Secretary, Treasurer: one should have been a life member of the Association for a continuous period of at least 3 years.
  3. For the post of President elect a contestant should have been an active life member for a continuous period of 5 year and with a continuous standing in the respective specialty field of not less than a period of 20 years.


  1. No Members of E.C. can be elected charge of office of any Post of the

Association with completing the term of existing post.

  1. No member is eligible to contest for more than one post in the same


9.3.    The President elect shall automatically become President in the following

year. There shall be no election for the post of President.

9.4.    In the event of resignation, demise or insanity of a officer of the

Association, the E.C. is empowered to nominate one of its existing members to the post vacated till the following election.

9.5     Elections shall be held by postal ballot, prior to the annual conference.

9.6    The executive committee shall have the right to change the logistics of

the election process in the face of exigencies or introduce byelaws for other modes of voting like electronic voting from floor and any other mode as & when required.

And as per Amendments approved in its general body meeting held on 6th February 2010

  1. No person who is not as a member of EC for one term can be eligible for any officer post of the society.

EC meeting during the annual conference the returning officer & two other members of EC to be nominated by President DNA to count votes and result will announced in the GBM.

I request all the members to participate in our association’s election. This entire information is being uploaded on the website (www.dnadelhi.in) in the interest to save paper. However ballot papers will be printed.

I am available for any clarifications.

Dr. Anshu Rohatgi
Delhi Neurological Association
Sr. Consultant Neurology
Department of Neurology
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi-110060
Ph. 8851259949
Email ID: rohatgianshu@yahoo.com
DNA Email secretarydna@gmail.com Web: www.dnadelhi.in


Completed nominations should reach the returning officer, Dr. Debashish Chowdhury, by 31st October 2023.