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The services of Neuroscience in Delhi dates back to 1936 when Irwin Hospital was started by Lord Irwin the Governor General of India. As with most fields of Medicine, the neuroscience services were initially catered by general physicians. However Professor Baldev Singh who was associated with inception of NSI is credited to have started Delhi Neurology Group. The other pioneers included Dr. P. N. Tandon, Dr. A. K. Banerji, Dr. Vimla Virmani, Dr. Janaki Devi, Dr. L. R. Pathak, Dr. Arjun D. Sehgal and Dr. Victor Rao who was the first Neurosurgeon in Delhi and later immigrated to United Kingdom. Dr. (Mrs) S. N. Pathak, Dr. R. S. Rana and Dr. Shyam Pant soon joined the group.

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Dear DNA Members, On the behalf of the executive committee of DNA, I invite to bid for the 24th Annual conference of the Delhi Neurological Association, 2022. I request all interested institutions and members to send in the bid document in the prescribed format attached with this mail and also uploaded on the website, to reach the undersigned by 15th January 2021. The valid bids will be considered in the executive committee meeting scheduled to be held during the 23rd Annual DNA meeting on 5th February 2021.
Dr. Debashish Chowdhury, Secretary , Delhi Neurological Association

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